150 Vehicle Speaker

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150 Vehicle Speaker

Technical Specifications of 150 W Vehicle Speaker

Model Number HA-CHS-150-1 HA-CHS-150-1A
Power 150W 150W
Sound Pressure 120-130db 120-130db
Frequency Range 260-4500Hz 260-4500Hz
Net Weight 3.3kg 3.2kg
Pack Measure 435×380×390mm 435×380×390mm

We are a vehicle speaker manufacturer, based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including 80W siren, metal anti riot shield, LED traffic signal light, round warning light, and more.

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  • Round Warning LightThe round warning light boasts exceptional lighting performance 49 times higher than that of standard strobe beacons. Being waterproof and resistant against extreme shock and strong vibration, this product is maintenance-free and can work effectively for large vehicle applications such as DOT, construction, snow plows and utility operations in any environment, including the hardest one.
  • 35W Halogen Alarm LightThis 35W halogen alarm light features a stationary 35W halogen lamp with a rotating parabolic reflector. It is enclosed in an impact resistant dome for additional durability. The optional branch guard provides additional protection around the dome's housing. Its sturdy design and effective warning capability make this warning light ideal for a variety of applications. Also, it is economically priced.