88KA Siren

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88KA Siren

Specifications of 88KA Siren

Voltage DC12/24V DC12/24V DC12/24V
Power 80W 100W 150W
Electrical current 8A 10A 15A
Impedance 16Ω
Sound pressure 110~120dB 110~120dB 110~120dB
Light Switch 2
Distortion factor ≤10%
Microphone power 100mV
Weight 2.00Kg 2.05 Kg 2.55 Kg
Mic size 107×58×20 mm
Siren size 205×98×50 mm
Packing size 330×170×850 mm

As an experienced siren manufacturer in China, wenzhou changs international provides a wide range of products that includes public security strobe light bar, mini LED flashing light bar, 300W siren, mini tyre deflation device, and much more.

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    Voltage : DC12/24V
    Power : 80W
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  • 88CD SirenThe 88 CD siren adopts the digital circuit design and simulates the alarm with single chip. Therefore it has steady frequency and strong ability against outside interference. The adoption of the imported power tube and integrated module ensures reliable performance and long servicer life.