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Mini Strobe Light Bar

The mini strobe light bar is one of the most compact and high-power strobe light bars. Although less than 23 inches in length, it can still produce flash patterns as effectively as strobe light bars in much larger size. Also, it can be mounted either permanently or temporarily with magnetic version. At present, our product has been applied on police car, ambulance, fire truck, construction and rescue vehicles.

Features of Mini Strobe Light Bar
1. It incorporates a high quality polycarbonate lampshade, an aluminum base and a stainless steel middle barrel.
2. The power supply capability is stable and the power supply mold is maintenance-free for whole life.
3. The mini strobe light bar adopts high quality impulse stroboscopic lamp with high brightness and stability, and a long life time more than 5 million cycles.
4. CAM is adopted as a reflector, heightening luminous efficiency by 20%.
5. With American CMOS chip of MICRO and our independent control program, the stroboscopic modes can be freely controlled.

Technical Specifications of Mini Strobe Light Bar

Model Number TBD-CHS-50F8-24
Feature 4 bridge Xenon strobe/4 angle strobe/2 alley light
Voltage DC12V/DC24V
Working Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Material of lens Polycarbonate (PC)
Base material Aluminum
Size 650×360×210
Weight 15.8kg
Pack Measure 672×360×220mm

We are a mini strobe light bar manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including 24W mini strobe light bar, open face motorcycle helmet, tire deflation device, 16 module LED traffic signal light, and much more.

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Other Products
  • 15W Mini Strobe Light BarThe 2x15W mini strobe light bar possesses a plastic base which can excellently resist against corrosion and harsh shock. Along with the integrated circuit design, this product is well protected against reverse polarity and voltage spikes. And its working voltage is either 12V or 24 V. Furthermore, inside the magnetic mount lies a cigarette lighter plug adaptor.
  • Mini Strobe Light Bar (Xenon Light)The power supply mold of the mini strobe light bar is free from maintenance for whole life. Also, the power supply is controlled by an integrated micro-processor for producing various flash patterns. Meeting international standards, all strobe modes can be freely controlled with American CMOS chip of MICRO and our independently developed control program.