Spike Strip (Tyre Deflation Device)

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Spike Strip (Tyre Deflation Device)

The Spike Strip (Tyre Deflation Device) is characterized by 10.kg weight and packaging size of 760mm × 235mm × 570mm, so it is easy to carry and use. And its pedestal is made of PA and PC materials featuring high intensity and toughness, helping this product effectively flatten tires and meanwhile keep in good condition. And spikes on the strip are made of stainless steel tubes.

Specifications of Spike Strip (Tyre Deflation Device)

MEASUREMENT 760mm × 235mm × 570mm

We are a specialized spike strip (tyre deflation device) manufacturer, based in China. We offer a wide array of products, including 24 module LED traffic signal light, mini tyre deflation device, police motorcycle helmet, anti riot suit, and much more.

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  • Traffic Spike (Tyre Deflation Device)The traffic spike (tyre deflation device) incorporates LZJ-8 and LZJ-10 models which are made of aluminum alloy and spikes the rigid die-casting zinc alloy. Therefore, this product is light in weight, portable to carry and easy to use. Featuring strong adaptability to various conditions, this product is usually applied by police officers to control of the criminal or terrorists' vehicles.
  • Mini Tyre Deflation DeviceThe mini tyre deflation device has net weight of 0.096kg, and packaging size of 365mm×215mm×120mm. It boasts compact structure and extraordinary performance. The pedestal adopts PA and PE materials for higher intensity and excellent electric insulation. With the high quality stainless steel, spikes have greater toughness and anti-corrosion properties.