Traffic Spike (Tire Deflation Device)

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Traffic Spike (Tire Deflation Device)

Specifications of Traffic Spike (Tire Deflation Device)

Length 3, 5, or 7m
LZJ-3 3m (available length) with 65 spikes
LZJ-5 5m (available length) with 115 spikes
LZJ-7 7m (available length) with 165 spikes
Spike material stainless steel tubes
Packing aluminum box
Pedestal material PA and PE
With accessories (10 pieces of stainless steel spikes)

Wenzhou changs international is a professional spike strip (tire deflation device) manufacturer in China. We provide a vast range of products, including PC/ABS anti riot shield, anti riot suit (riot control uniform), siren, public security strobe light bar and more.

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  • Spike Strip (Tire Deflation Device)The spike strip (tire deflation device) is made of engineering plastics, PA and PE, thus it is endowed with high strength and toughness. And the spikes on these strips adopt stainless steel tube and have sharp tips, thus it can puncture tires effectively to help police officers to control the criminal or terrorist's vehicle. With the length of 5m, this product is easy to use.
  • Traffic Spike (Tyre Deflation Device)The traffic spike (tyre deflation device) incorporates LZJ-8 and LZJ-10 models which are made of aluminum alloy and spikes the rigid die-casting zinc alloy. Therefore, this product is light in weight, portable to carry and easy to use. Featuring strong adaptability to various conditions, this product is usually applied by police officers to control of the criminal or terrorists' vehicles.