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Custom Halogen Light Bar

Made up of a high quality polycarbonate lampshade, an aluminum base and a stainless steel middle barrel, the custom halogen light bar is a custom designed for police cars, fire engine, ambulance and rescue or other emergency vehicles. Its patented V-shape platform covers light at critical 45- and 90-degree angles on approaching intersections. Such lighting performance has far exceeded those of other standard linear light bars.

Technical Specifications of Custom Halogen Light Bar

Model Number TBD-CHS-V0S7A-46
Feature 7 Halogen rotator light
Voltage DC12V/DC24V
Working Temperature -20 ℃ ~+50 ℃
Material of Lens Polycarbonate (PC)
Base Material Aluminum
Size 1170×675×235
Weight 19kg
Pack Measure 1230×735×260mm

Wenzhou changs international is a professional custom halogen light bar manufacturer in China. We offer a wide array of products, including police car strobe light bar, low profile halogen light bar, motorcycle helmet, 150W siren, and more.

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