Vehicle Strobe Light Bar

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Vehicle Strobe Light Bar

Technical Specifications of Vehicle Strobe Light Bar

Model Number TBD-CHS-30S6A-46
Feature 2triple directional / 2long-bidirectional / 2 short-bidirectional strobe light
Voltage DC12V/DC24V
Working Temperature -20 ℃ ~+50 ℃
Material of Lens Polycarbonate (PC)
Base Material Aluminum
Size 1370mm×300mm×182mm
Weight 17kg
Pack Measure 1500×370×285mm

As an experienced vehicle strobe light bar manufacturer in China, wenzhou changs international offers a vast range of products that includes halogen police car strobe light bar, waterproof halogen light bar, 100W vehicle speaker, open face motorcycle helmet, and more.

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