14 LED Warn Light Bar (Pulse Light)

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14 LED Warn Light Bar (Pulse Light)

The 14 LED warn light bar, engineered with the latest lighting technology, features 14 LED pulse lights. The adoption of LED reflector technology brings out high-optical efficiency for maximum light performance apart from low current consumption and minimal maintenance. Available in varies lengths, this product can resist against moisture and stand up to the most demanding weather conditions. Owing to these distinctive advantages, our product has been extensively applied in law enforcement, fire engine, ambulance, and rescue and work trucks.

Technical Specifications of 14 LED Warn Light Bar (Pulse Light)

Model Number TBD-CHS-60L14A-46
Feature 14LED pulse light
Voltage DC12V/DC24V
Working Temperature -20 °C ~+50 °C
Material of Lens Polycarbonate (PC)
Base Material Aluminum
Size 1170×288×132
Weight 12.5kg
Pack Measure 1350×350×225mm

wenzhou changs international is a China 14 LED warn light Bar (pulse light) manufacturer. We provide various types of products such as 80W vehicle speaker, custom halogen light bar, 60mm halogen rotator mini light bar, and LED warn light bar (strobe light).

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